The smart home of the future is here. Your home may not be ready for the advanced gadgets yet, but we think these are the top 5 items that should be added to your home now.

  1. Upgrade your Wifi: Making your home smart first requires a wifi upgrade! Our experts can help you determine if you have enough bandwidth to support your new products. We can then test your network to determine any upgrades you may need to help keep your home “up to speed”.
  1. Smart home system: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & the Wink Hub are the most popular speakers around. They can control your home with the sound of your voice. They can integrate to control your lights, thermostat, alarm system and so much more.
  1. Smart doorbell camera: These products are becoming more popular. More players are entering the market to compete with Ring and Nest. We recently compared these 2 systems on the blog, but now there are more options to consider for your home.
  1. Smart home thermostat: We love the Nest products because they connect different components in your home into one. They offer the thermostat, which can be controlled from your smart phone!
  1. Smart TV: We have installed more smart tv’s than we can possibly count! What is a smart tv? It is an internet connected tv that can stream movies, tv, listen to music, view photos, and so much more.

Our experts are ready to make your home a smart home. Let’s talk! Schedule a free consultation today.