TV Antenna NewsAs the ongoing move to cutting the cord picks up steam, it is now estimated that 15 million people are using over the air antennas. If you use an antenna to receive television, it will be necessary to RESCAN your TV channels to continue to receiver OTA (over the air) reception.

If you use cable, satellite or a streaming service this change will not affect you.

Here’s why this change is happening:  The FCC has required all TV stations to buy new transmitters to allow for wireless carriers to expand. All stations are required to make the change Friday, September 9, 2019 at 6:00 am. This update will change the frequencies that deliver programming to your antenna.

Here’s how you can RESCAN to keep viewing your favorite stations:

  • On your TV remote look for a button called “Menu” or “Setup.”
  • Press one of these buttons and look for an option called “Set IP” or “Channels”. Possibly channel tuning or auto program.
  • Then select “Antenna” (instead of cable) and the TV will start the automatic channel finding process.
  • The searching operation may take a few minutes. Your TV will find and memorize all the TV channels you’ve been used to watching.

All TV stations should have this process described on their website.

Please contact Audio Video Charlotte with any questions.

David Stollmack
C:  704-287-3334