At Audio Video Charlotte, we have a lot of love for Apple TV. What is Apple TV you ask?  Apple TV is a small device that connects to your flat screen TV and connects you to the biggest names in entertainment. At the fraction of the cost of cable! You can also access all your media: pictures, videos and music, through iCloud.

For decades, people in Charlotte have had very few choices for television entertainment. Time Warner Cable is a huge company that used to be the only place to go for high quality entertainment. But that entertainment came with a huge price tag. Cable TV can cost over $100 a month with DVR and specialty channels like Comedy Central. Satellite companies, like Direct TV and Dish Network, are a little cheaper, but sometimes the quality is lacking. Thankfully, Apple TV changes all that!

Our home theater experts at Audio Video Charlotte, can integrate your system to include Apple TV. Through Apple TV, you can access channels like Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, ESPN, and many more. These channels give you access to the latest television shows, movies, and sports. With Apple TV, you can also access your own movies through iCloud, iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. Instead of renting it again, you can display your downloaded movies right on your widescreen TV through Apple TV. This also works for your music library. At Audio Video Charlotte, we can also install speakers throughout your home, so you can hear your music anywhere in the house.

With Apple TV, you will have the internet at your fingertips and on your television! You can cut the cable and save money on your monthly expenses. Audio Video Charlotte will help you connect all of your devices. We specialize in simplicity- no more frustration trying to figure out how to make your TV work. We also work with similar devices, like Roku or Google Chrome TV. But we love Apple TV because it gives you ease of access to all your media. Set up an in home consultation today or stop by our showroom.