wide screen tv installMost television sets sold in this country today are flat screen TVs.  Here’s a fun fact.  According to a 2012 Nielsen survey, the average American home has 2.86 televisions and just 2.5 people.  With technology always changing and improving our everyday lives, it can be an exciting time picking out the latest and greatest wide screen TV for your home. Whether you want the latest Samsung SmartTV or a LG 3D TV, installing a flat panel, wide screen TV can be tricky. One of the first things to consider is weigh. Depending on the size of your TV, the weight can vary dramatically. Therefore, the support needed to mount your TV to a wall needs to be calculated accurately.  If you try to tackle this job alone, there are lots of questions to ask before taking on such a task.

TV Wall Mount kits can be complicated. Ask yourself, Are my measurements correct?  How much weight can a wall stud hold? Do I want a mounted TV that swivels? What type of tools do I need to mount a TV on a brick wall or above a fireplace? These are just a few questions that need to be answered before you begin. There is also safety to consider. Wall mounted TVs can be a hazard if not mounted properly. Thankfully, there are professionals that can handle all these safety-related and complicated questions.

Flat Screen Wall Mounting is now the most popular way to display your television. At Audio Video Charlotte Home Entertainment Solutions, technicians will work with you to ensure the design you want and create a safe, working entertainment space. We can do TV installations that are mounted to the wall, on a stand, or use a full motion TV wall mount that allows your TV to be adjusted depending on where you are in the room. We can help you pick out the best solution for your home and install it with no hassel, This way you can insure safety for your whole family, or even when you have a crowd in the room. Audio Video Charlotte is fast becoming the best choice in Charlotte for personal, affordable TV installation.

Kelly Bladl,

Google Author