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Having an outdoor entertainment setup can provide you and your family with countless hours of fun in the warm weather. But if you’re going to invest in an outdoor setup, it’s essential to carefully choose your equipment. You don’t want to drop thousands of dollars on your space only to realize that it doesn’t meet your needs.

Whether you would like to reel in the benefits of being outdoors while watching your favorite sports events or movie marathons, or you want the option to pump out music while hosting a summer barbecue or pool party, you will be better served by getting off to a solid start with your entertainment setup. That way, you can know that your money is well spent.

To help you decide what equipment to include in your outdoor entertainment setup, we’ve provided information below about some of the best TVs and sound systems on the market.

Outdoor TVs

There are some TVs designed and built specifically for use outdoors, albeit it is a niche market that offers limited choices. Nonetheless, there are a few models that we recommend checking out if your outdoor area is exposed to a significant amount of sunlight and is open to the elements—for instance, if you plan on watching TV by the pool or in a backyard barbecue area or any other area with uncovered outdoor seating. Depending on the coverage, even patios, covered decks, porches, pergolas, and other places that expose you to partial sunlight can benefit from an outdoor TV.


The Samsung Terrace

Though the market is relatively small, Samsung is getting in on the action, which means that other major manufacturers are soon to follow. Samsung has just announced its new outdoor TV model called “The Terrace”. Meant to be viewed in partially shaded areas, the Terrace is a 4K TV that uses Samsung’s QLED LCD panel technology and is much brighter (2,000-nit peak brightness) than the company’s other models. And the Terrace’s body is built to withstand varying temperatures, dust, moisture, and other elements. You can even rinse the TV off with a hose without the fear of harming it.

As with Samsung’s top indoor models, the Terrace includes the company’s Tizen smart TV platform and all the apps and streaming content that come with it. While it’s compatible with voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the Tizen platform features its own voice assistant named “Bixby”.

Along with the TV itself, buyers of the Terrace will get a weatherproofed Samsung One Remote, as well as a soundbar that is designed for outdoor use. When matched with the Terrace, the soundbar provides significant sound improvements. And connecting the Terrace TV and soundbar is about as easy as it comes; all you have to do is pair them via Bluetooth—no cable needed.


Other Notable Outdoor TVs 

Besides the Samsung Terrace, there are a couple of other outdoor TVs worth mentioning. One of the most popular outdoor models is the SunBrite Pro Series Direct Sun TV. Best suited for areas with direct sunlight, this model is an ultra-bright full HD TV, and it’s LED screen has a tempered glass shield that minimizes glare and protects the screen from sunlight and weather. Additionally, the Pro Series is built with specially-engineered thermal airflow vents that enable the TV to operate in pretty much any temperature, from -40°F to 122°F.

If you’re looking for a TV for a partially-shaded outdoor area, there is always an option to get a regular TV. If you are thinking that a regular TV cannot be put outside, that is not always the case. By choosing a less expensive, everyday TV, you can save a bit of money and also stick with the brands you know. But, even with the most reliable brands, you may still have to replace this TV every 2-5 years.


Sonos Outdoor Speakers by Sonance

There are many ways to create detailed sound and an exciting outdoor atmosphere. At Audio Video Charlotte, Sonos Outdoor Speakers are one of our favorites.

Using wired speakers with Amp, Sonos Outdoor Speakers have the capability to fill any space with rich, clear sound at any volume. Designed for backyards or patios, these all-weather proof speakers can take any event to the next level. You can control these speakers in more ways than one, unlike other speakers. Sonos has their own app that can control each area of speakers indoors and outdoors, you can us Apple Air Play, and for some models, you can even use your voice.

Want to take your Sonos experience to the next level? You can add other Sonos components such as One, Five, and Move. These can be put throughout your home in different rooms. Keep the outdoor party going even when you move indoors!


Best Outdoor Sound Speakers 

Perhaps you want a great set of outdoor speakers for your backyard barbecues, pool parties, and other outdoor get-togethers. Fortunately, there are a number of quality outdoor speakers on the market—ones with stellar sound, durable construction, and easy-to-use features. Oh, and they won’t be an eyesore for your landscaping! Here are some of the best outdoor speakers manufactured today, all of which are quite budget-friendly:


Episode All Weather Series Surface Mount Speakers

When it comes to overall sound and performance, these speakers are hard to beat, and they are much more cost-effective than many others on the market. The Episode All Weather Series Mount Speakers are designed for wide dispersion audio systems, such as a patio or porch, and each speaker provides top-notch audio quality with its polypropylene cone, Nomex spider, high-temperature voice coil, and titanium dome tweeter.

Another factor that sets these speakers apart is how easy they are to install. Using Episode’s easy-locking bracket, mounting is quick and simple, and you can install the speakers to be out of sight. For all-around great sound and performance in any weather conditions, the Episode All Weather Series Surface Mount speakers are a solid choice.


Episode Rock Series Single Voice Coil Speaker with Woofer

It’s exactly as it sounds: A high-quality Episode speaker encased in a shell that convincingly resembles a rock. It includes a polypropylene cone, Nomex spider, and one titanium dome tweeter.

The Episode Rock Series Single Voice Coil Speaker with Woofer is weather-resistant through and through, able to withstand even the harshest conditions. And if you pair it with other single voice speakers, you can achieve impressive stereo sound for your outdoor space. Going this route, you can enjoy world-class sound quality while adding a little decor to your landscape for many years to come!


Episode 350 Series All Weather In-Ceiling Speakers

If you need speakers for the ceiling in your outdoor space, look no further than the Episode 350 Series All Weather In-Ceiling speakers. Using a high-grade polypropylene woofer and pivoting teteron tweeter, these speakers produce high-quality audio and can enhance a variety of entertainment settings. Also, they’re weather-resistant enough to handle pretty much any kind of exposure to the elements that can occur in an enclosed space, and they’re easy to install.


Apple TV 

Any time you can minimize the need for cords in your entertainment setup, it’s a win, especially when it comes to an outdoor space. The Apple TV gives you that opportunity. Without a cable subscription, the Apple TV provides users with a plethora of channels (many of which are free), whether it’s sporting events, movies, TV shows, news, or any other category. All you have to do is download the apps, and they show up on your easy-to-navigate interface.

While the Apple TV remote is beautifully simple, you can control the device from your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, and you can even mirror content from these devices on your TV. Also, setting up the Apple TV is a breeze. You plug an HDMI cable from the Apple TV into your television, plug in the Apple TV power supply, connect the device to your WiFi, log in, and you’re good to go.

Apple TV has an app store just like your iPhone or iPad. Virtually every streaming service is available on the Apple TV device!


Ring Security

Once you have your outdoor entertainment setup in place, it’s important to take any steps necessary to protect it. By going with Ring Security cameras, you can keep an eye on your equipment from wherever you are (e.g. at work, out of town, in the living room, etc.). All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Owned by Amazon, Ring is well-established for offering some of the best overall security services for the money. Not only can you easily install the equipment yourself, but you can also get full-on monitoring and video service for a fraction of the cost of such services from other companies. Along with the free services of security alerts and live video on demand, you can get professional monitoring, extended equipment warranty, cellular backup, and the option to save and access video recordings for up to 60 days—all for $10 a month.


Getting it Installed

For the best experience with setting up your outdoor entertainment area, consider going with Audio Video Charlotte. Our team of experts uses a six-step process that has left hundreds of satisfied customers in the Carolinas. Not only will we help you pick out the right equipment for your space, but we will come to your home and install it, including mounting your TV and hiding your cables to create seamless function.

Having your equipment professionally installed means that you don’t have to worry about reading complex instruction manuals or missing something that causes your equipment not to work properly. Our team will make sure your TV and audio products are working perfectly, and we will also make sure you know how to use it before we leave. And if you have any issues with getting the most out of your equipment down the road, we will return to your home and sort it out!



In order for your outdoor entertainment setup to be everything you’ve dreamed, you will need to get the equipment that best meets your needs. Researching the products listed here is a great start.

At Audio Video Charlotte, we specialize in designing and creating entertainment spaces, and we guide our customers to choosing the audio and visual products that will give them the most for their money. And when you work with us, we will make it easy for you and make sure you are sufficiently set up to enjoy your space for years to come. Just give us a call so that we can get the process started!